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Starting from 2005, Industria Metalmecánica RASCH, S.A. de C.V. will be the new name of RASCH Industries, established in 1997 and recognized in the market for providing complementary solutions for the industrial processes of Grupo RASCH, of which it is a member company, together with:
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We provide special solutions in Mexico to complement the final stages of its pharmaceutical or industrial process.
We specialize in handling stainless steel and aluminum, in accordance with GMP standards and affording the highest level of quality demanded, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.

  »  The Company

IMR (Industria Metalmecánica RASCH), a 100% Mexican company, was set up to provide its major customers solutions and back up for the installation of machinery in the pharmaceutical and food sectors and industry.

It started out by supplying stainless-steel and aluminum products and thanks to the success of its business it has been able to increase its manufacturing capacity by 50%. The business agreement signed with the international rack manufacturer, Schneider, has made IMR Mexico’s leading rack manufacturer.

We also manufacture drains for sanitary use, unloading hoppers, tanks, small boilers, doors, windows, and furniture, and handle special designs, ensuring the best selection and handling of materials.

»  Nuestra Misión

To commit ourselves to the well-being of the community by producing and merchandising quality, safe, and reliable products for industry to high specifications; to compete on the local and international market, backed by state-of-the art technology, ongoing improvement processes, and a professional team.

Industria Metalmecánica RASCH S.A. de C.V
San Jorge No. 192
Colonia Santa Úrsula Coapa Delegación Coyoacán C.P. 04850 México, Distrito Federal

Phone:      (55) 5610 - 1011
                   (55) 5610 - 1017

Fax:           (55) 5617 - 3190
Email:   contacto@rasch.com.mx

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